My intro!

Hello there!

My name is Luka, you may know me by my internet names such as Doctorholic or Pixel guy. I had a similar blog to this one long time ago. Back then, my goal was just to write and prepare for my final English exam and essay.After that I wrote few times to collect my thoughts, but this time I’ll try to lay more focus on the quality of the texts. To erase any mistakes that might occur, my best friend Melli is going to proofread. Show her love and follow her bookish Instagram account @bibliophile_wanderer

I am mainly going to write about my life, so expect this to be like a journal, but also I want to create some stories and you may expect a few posts to be about some topics that I am interested in, such as photography or hiking. I know that many of you are not interested about politics in my country, so I try to avoid that topic, but I can't promise when it’s about the European Union or the world.

In summary, you can expect a chaos, a mess of young adult growing, learning and exploring this crazy beautiful world.

Welcome, hop in and join me on this crazy train!

I hope to see you around,


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